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This doesn’t just apply to performance but also to prevention of injury and the longevity of your horse. Our staff are experts in their equipment and know how to get your horse feeling and looking its best. We offer services from haul in to short and long term to fit your needs.

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Soft Tissue Rehab

Developing a rehab program for your horse following a soft tissue injury is important. It isn’t just time lost it is also the risk of re-injury. We are confident and comfortable with building a protocol with your veterinarian using our state of the art equipment options to heal your horse quicker and stronger than before. 

Post Operative and Wound Care

Dealing with post operative horses can be difficult. Allow us to take that stress away from you. We offer a variety of stall options to fit the needs for your horses recovery and we can communicate with you veterinarian to follow a discharge plan to ensure your investment in surgery and in your horse will go as according to plan. 


Short Term Board

Need a vacation? Going out of town? We would be happy to take care of your horse while you are gone. We can give your horse high level care while giving you piece of mind. Whether it is just to board or needing to keep your team in shape while you cannot, we have you covered. 

We have a 32 stall, lighted barn with both 12x24 fully covered sand stalls as well as 12x12 options with automatic waterers and corner feeders. We have staff living on site, so you can rest assured your horse is in great hands. 

Other Services

  • Flexineb Breathing Treatments

  • Haul-In Packages

  • Farrier, Dental, Veterinary and other specialty care services

It is important for us to offer you a well rounded, full care experience. We will open our doors to not only your veterinarian, farrier, dental expert etc. to see your horse while in our care but we will also invite in to our barn some of what we feel is the best in the industry by appointment only in the future. Looking for something in particular? Call us and lets see if we can get it on the books. 

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