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Our Equipment


THE NAUTILUS WAVE featuring an above ground 12’ belt and 5’ depth Aquatread. Adjustable water levels with full buoyancy capability and incline options for resistance. This allows the opportunity to take 60% of the horses body weight off for less stress on tendons, ligaments, and joints. This is a great tool for both conditioning as well as for coming back from injury. 

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Incline Treadmill

Our treadmill allows for speeds up to 6mph and 10 degrees of incline. This is great for rebuilding toplines, building up hind ends, and getting your horse more fit and ready for work.

Priefert 8 Horse Walker

Our Priefert free walker allows a little more freedom but in a controlled environment. The larger walker keeps your hose from making tight circles when coming back from injury but allows us to take your horse from a walk to a gallup in a safe and controlled environment.

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Smart RLT

 Once considered career ending injuries are being met with renewed confidence and optimism around the globe. SOUND® brings the ground-breaking RLT Vet Regenerative Laser Therapy to equine medicine. With RLT Vet, lame and injured horses have shown improved outcomes with lower incidents of injury recurrence. 

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ECB Saltwater Spa

 Cold Salt Hydrotherapy is used to treat and prevent a multitude of injuries in 35°F / 2°C saltwater.  The spa has successfully addressed virtually all lower leg injuries.  Treatment temperature alone induces a massive rush of blood and circulation which otherwise would not be present. This drug free therapy can be used for injury prevention and also to increase mobility and reduce swelling in the limbs before and after competitive events and training, as well as for abscesses.


 Treatment with electro-acuscope is painless. It helps heal acute and chronic injuries, reduces inflammation, and increases blood flow by using micro-currents. It also boosts up the body's in-built healing ability allowing cellular tissues to heal itself. We love this tool for pre and post performance as well.


​Benefits of the Bemer include enhanced circulation/blood flow, improved nutrient supply and waste disposal, increased cardiac function, enhanced physical fitness, endurance, strength and energy levels, as well as better concentration, mental acuity, stress reduction and relaxation.

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